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by anna kerns

well we picked up maya about 2 or 3 weeks ago and she is doing great!!! she is soooooo fast and she is only about 9 weeks old. we have some tables and under are like some shelves and she can fit under then and so when she is playing with my other dog (pebbles) she sprints under the tables and runs in circles and pebbles is like "WHAT THE" and it is just soooooo funny to watch her do that. Also we have been teaching her to come down the stairs, if it's to high she will bark at you like "you're kidding me right"? but about 2 days ago I showed her to my guinea pig and she is scared to death of her it's so funny. she looks at my guinea pig (chewy) and barks!!!

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Aug 06, 2010
by: Michael

Yep, a Jack is like a speeding bullet. Thay are such fun to watch, and they are crazy, but crazy in a good way.
Enjoy those fun filled days, and there will be many.
I really liked your story!
Michael and little Sadie Rae IV

Jun 03, 2010
So cute
by: Jenne Tomlinson

I think you are great writing stores about Jack Russels I'am a little kid my mom let me send my Jack Russel story I'am 9 years old and in thrid grade in Saint John the Beloved School. We have three JackRussels in our house they are so crazy they even eat the walls I'am the writer from Jack Russells Are In The House!I have read all the story's about them I did not like them I only liked yours I bet your Jack Russell is realy crazy like mime are I live with my mom and dad and my sister Emily our last name is Tomlinson people have messed up our last name I can not belive it!I only have 6 more days till school is out I cant not wait till school is out my teachers name is Mrs.Hardwick her name should be changed to Mrs.Nicewick because she is so nice to us.I'am going to miss our teachers at my school baceuse we are moving to somewhere else I can not spell the word it is to hard for me to spell the word.My class says I'am the fastest tepeer I wrote this in 15 mintes i bet that was fast I bet I wrote to much for you to read this plese tepe back to me rember my tittle is Jack Russells Are In The House! so I should go now because I think this is to long for you to read this so Good Bye Maya!Be good to your little Jack Russell I did not get any Comments about my story I think every one does not like my story but I do not care About it I think That it is good and I do not care if anyone Elese does not like it In my hart I love the story So good bye Maya I should stand up for my self and say I do not care if anyone Dose not like my story But I like it in my hart I have to say that a lot of times to myself I should say it 500 timees even if it kills me I'am Known As the one who does not give up!

Jun 01, 2010
really cute title
by: jenne tomlinson

i know how you feel i have three dogs. i wrote the story jack russells in the house! i have read lots of storyies about jack russells and i did not like them the only one i liked was yours. so i gave you five stars! no one has gave me comments about my story i feel really sad. i think you jack russell has adhd.

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