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by Martha
(Columbia, TN)

10-YEAR-OLD PARSON'S JRT has just started eating the ruffles on furniture, shower curtains and then throwing it up. What Can we do to help her?

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Dec 29, 2013
Jack eating curtains
by: Greg

Any change in behavior warrants a trip to the vet. I'm wondering if your Jack has PICA - a disorder where dogs (there is a human version as well) eat non food items. In the meantime remove targeted items. If you can use blinds instead of curtains, keep the bathroom doors closed and crate your Jack when you are out of the house so she can't get to anything non food wise. If there are things you think she would want to eat then put the items in a storage bin. Make sure your Jack has access to appropriate chew items. Kongs are great! Sometimes dogs chew out of boredom so make sure your Jack is getting plenty of exercise. Also, talk to your vet about increasing your Jack's dietary fiber to see if that helps.

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