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by mel

i have an 18 month old Jack Russell, she is beautiful, she has a bit of energy but not over the top, i think she may be coming into season, i had hoped to have her spade before she did but she wasn't well and i am waiting for her globulin level to be high enough, she is not bleeding yet. so Question 1 is how do i know if she is coming into her first heat ?
yesterday i adopted a 18 month old male desexed jack russell to keep my female company as she hadnt been well although she is alot better she was still sad and seemed as she was very lonely after my 14 yr old maltese shitzu passed away a few months ago,anyway this dog is a hurricane, i am a little lost as to what to do with him, he has worn her out, and he just doesnt seem to want to rest at all, she wants to get some rest, he just wants to run and play 24 / 7, jumps and barks, he wasnt like this when i looked at him at the shelter, he can calm down but only if he is sitting on your lap if not he just want sit still, even when he trys to lay down and close his eyes his eyes keep springing open and he jumps up, i have not had such a hyper dog, my girl sleeps in our room and last night he didnt want to sleep at all , so we had to lock him in the bathroom, so question 2 is what can i do, and do you think this is only because he is in new surroundings etc ?

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Mar 03, 2013
Active Jack Russell and First season
by: Susan

Hi Mel,
18 months is starting to get up there for your female Jack to not have had her first season. Most dogs have it between 6 and 12 months (although some dogs are late bloomers). Sometimes the first time can be unnoticeable and goes by somewhat silently. I would check with your vet. It's still ok to have her spayed once she is healthy. Usually before they go into heat, your pup may be a bit lethargic, the vulva will swell up, she might spend a lot of time licking herself and then there is some blood.

As for your other one. Since you are used to your female being very very calm, maybe this one needs twice as much exercise and mental stimulation. Try upping the length of his walks, do some consistent daily obedience drills and see if that helps a bit. Also try giving him a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and biscuits-put it in the freezer so it takes him twice as long to get all the good stuff out.
Hope this helps! Good luck with your two, I'm sure things will settle down soon!

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