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My jack Russell is 4 years old and all of a sudden he has started peeing in the bathroom and kitchen even when we know he has been outside. Why would he be suddenly doing this? Also is there anything to stop his hair shedding as I have a 1 year old and it's so unhygienic for her I am constantly picking her hair her clothes , mouth soother etc.

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Jan 05, 2015
Jack Russell peeing
by: Julie

I would first get your Jack checked out to see if there is anything going on medically. If that is not the cause I would make sure your Jack is on a consistent walk schedule - not just being let outside. You also need to get an enzyme based spray from a pet store to get rid of any pee orders in your house (regular sprays won't do it).
In terms of the shedding, using a high quality dog food can help a lot as well as brushing regularly o help rid of the hair. But there is no magic cure. You had the dog 3 years before the baby, has the shedding changed in anyway?

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