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miss huggins

by charlotte huggins

how can i stop my 6 moth old jack russle weeing and pooing on the floor n not on his papper/trainging pad?

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Dec 30, 2011
Peeing on floor
by: Betty

If you could give more details when he is doing this, that would is he marking specific spots or is he going at night or right after being taken out?

In the meantime I would buy a good enzyme based cleaners from your vet/pet store to wipe out the smell of what is being done in your house. Dogs have sensitive noses and will often "revisit" spots they have previously gone. I would also work on the basics of house training again. Take him out on a very regular schedule and always just after he wakes up or finishes eating. And try to take him to the same spot outside each time to make so he gets the idea he is supposed to go out there.

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