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miss wilson

by tara
(newcastle upon tyne)

iv had my dog 18month and hes just started weeing in the house the last couple of weeks what could be the problem

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Oct 02, 2014
new jrt pees alot
by: Anonymous

we just got our new rescue female jack Russell. She is a mini-jack weighing 12 pounds. Every 5 minutes she will squat anywhere and be there for a 10 seconds and pee a few drops. We took her to the vet, collected a sample but everything looked fine. Then she was x-rayed for stones or crystals, and everything was clear. The vet said she had some firmness around the area. We ere sent home with anti-biotics and inflammation meds. What could it be. She has had a litter of puppies and was fixed about a month ago. That is all I know about she. Any suggestions please!

Apr 24, 2014
Toilet training JRT
by: Lesley

Our Jack Russell, "Snowy" lapses on his toilet training every so often - maybe once or twice a year. We just repeat the original process of toilet training for a day or so and he's good to go again.
What we were initially advised to do was to take him outside and if he produced a wee or a poo, to praise him like crazy, and to repeat that process every couple of hours. I don't know why the "lapses" occur although sometimes it seems to be links to having guests staying over. But the important thing is to just give him a gentle reminder and move on. Does your dog have a doggy door so he can get himself outside when he needs to or does he have to wait for a human to let him out? Could it be related to weather? I know our dog is loath to go outside when it's cold and rainy! If retraining doesn't work for you, a visit to the vet might be in order to make sure there is no bladder infection or other medical cause.

Feb 11, 2014
peeing jrt.
by: john from hull

have you done anything different in your home just lately,such as redecorating or moved the furniture around?

Jack Russells are prone to odd behavour when changes in the home happen.

Mine goes 'funny'when the duster comes out.

If not,she may have a bladder infection,and may need to see the vet.

always best to be on the safe side with jrts!!

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