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by Lesleyann McDaid
(Clydebank west dumbartonshire, Scotland)

I have just recently adopted a 3yr old Jack Russel and he barks at every single noise he hears, like the kettle clicking when it finishes boiling or even a knocking noise on the television he barks and I would like to know if it is too late to try and teach him not to do that? He also pulls on his lead and would like to know how to stop him doing that also.He also doesnt wasnt to eat the dog food that I put out for him, i have tried tins dry food and even the tubes of weebox the only thing he has ever ate is his bonios or treats, or the food my daughter sneeks to him. I would be greatfull for some help with these wee problems, Thanks, Lesleyann

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Jan 30, 2013
by: Deborah

I have 2 boy JRT,s and my 2 do the same thing and bark at everything and everyone..I also have tryed everything myself and I did find something that works great buy some water guns and shhot them with the water whenever they start to bark and they will get the message LOL It works fabulous...Here is my email address Please keep intouch and let me know if this works for you it will not hurt them at all and it is kinda fun..

Please let me know what happens?

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