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by sue
(united kingdom)

Hi i've got a 3 month old jack and the problem is she won't stop biting me, and she chews the furniture too, is this normal?

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Feb 09, 2014
Jack puppy chewing on furniture
by: Betty

Distract your puppy whenever she starts to chew on furniture, or even better, before she even gets close to it. Throw a toy or make a noise to divert them from the furniture. Give your pup lots of quality toys designed specifically for chewing. By nature, a pup chews to hone biting and chewing skills. They are not intending to be destructive, but to follow an instinctive behavior. If they have adequate items to chew on, they'll be less interested in the items they should be steering clear of. Keep your Jack confined to a kennel, or other small space in the home, when no one is home or the pup cannot be supervised. If the pup is free to roam the house, it will find hundreds of new objects to chew, in addition to new spots to have accidents and make another type of mess.
Praise your Jack excessively when she picks up a chew toy and plays rather than going for the furniture. This positive reinforcement will encourage this good behavior.

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