Moaning Jack Russell

by David

My 18mth old Jack Russell has started moaning recently, over the last few weeks. He seems generally healthy and still runs like a maniac. He has gone off food a bit but our other dog has too so i think this isn't necessarily connected. He moans while in his basket and generally while in a slumber state rather than while walking about. I'm pretty sure this is some sort of attention seeking activity but as it's quite new I wanted to see if anybody else could comment. We're a bit precious about him as we nearly lost him to lung worm a year ago due to the vet not issuing the right medicine i.e. Advocate. Thanks for your time and thoughts

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Feb 17, 2014
Jack Russell moaning
by: Frank

Yikes, I hope you got a new vet after that last worm scare! Glad your Jack is doing fine after that though. Many dogs moan in their sleep, mine included). So, I wouldn't worry about it. If the moaning is while just sitting - some dogs have lucid dreams while it looks like they are awake. You could always ask your vet to check to see if there is any inflammation going on that would cause stiffness/pain, just in case. And a little bit of fish oil is always good for a dog anyways if you want to start incorporating that into your Jack's daily routine and that could help in the event that there is any joint issues.

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