Moody Jack

by dustin
(San Diego)

Hey everyone!! I have a 5 1/2 year old Jack that was great with kids, people and other dogs. We moved and something happened when he hit 3 and started getting aggressive. We thought we needed an exorcist or something because he got possessed or something. He would be fine and all of a sudden would start growling at us etc. He snapped at me twice recently.

Anyway, he gets crazy when other dogs are around. He will start choking himself trying to get them all the while he is barking viscously. I try to get him to calm down by making him sit and what not, but nothing works. My wife walks him at least 4 miles every morning which is over an hour at a fast pace. The whole time she keeps him right next to her side, and he is fine. Any help would be really really appreciated!


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Jun 05, 2012
moody or misunderstood?
by: Anonymous

Jacks are like a jack in the box, I recommend playing with him for extended periods of time, they also need constant training daily, use it as a game. When they are bored they act up. They love attention and they do love other animals but you must be in control because they love to be boss, they just don't realize they are not. You have to love their energy, and just stick to your rules. Watch that you feed them high quality foods or natural foods, and watch for excessive vaccinations as they can cause disturbances. Dr. Pitcairn speaks of how to deal with this condition naturally via homeopathy, check out his books and website.
Enjoy you Jack Russell and know they will never let you get bored.

Jun 28, 2011
Aggressive Jack Russell
by: Beth

Our Jack went through a similar issue. Is your Jack neutered? If not, that might be worth looking into. I would speak to your Vet and make sure there are no health issues. If there is not, then I would look into doing some serious training with him either with obedience classes or with a trained behavioral specialist. I would hate for things to get worse. Your Jack may feel anxious or fearful from the move and also may feel he needs to take the place as the alpha/pack leader.

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