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more sleep deprived than when i had my newborn children

by chauncey
(kailua kona Hawaii US)

We brought home our Jack Russell Terrier at 7 weeks. We leave our doors to home partially open during the day and encourage him to go outside to potty and reward him with praise and petting. At night we keep him gated in our bathroom with his bed, hot water bottle, blanket, and wee wee pads. He potty's everywhere BUT on the wee wee pads. And we wakes up anywhere from 3-6 times a night crying. The first week we would take him outside everytime he'd cry so he could go potty, but all he wants to do is play. And then would still cry when he was done going potty and we put him back. We have had him for 3 weeks now and my husband and i have gotten less than 4 hours a sleep a night. We trying reading up on this. We tried ignoring him, but he will go on and on and eventually wake everyone in the house. We have tried scolding. We have trying squirting with a small squirt bottle (it worked for 3 days), the puppy will not respond to anything! The longest period of time he sleeps is 3 hours and then he wants to be up and play. I dont want him in our bed, plus he pees on any blanket or towel he comes around and has tried to pee on our bed. I am tempted to put him outside and turn him into an outside dog but he'd just wake all my neighbors. he non-stop cries! Last night he woke 6 times! My kids were all waken up, my husband was frustrated, i was frustrated, i picked him up and spanked his butt (which made me feel like a monster!). He immediately went back to his bed and was quiet, but only for 1 hour before starting again! He plays all day long with our family fine, but he is miserable puppy to have at night and we are reaching the end our our rope. He has no physical problems. Should i put him in a pet carrier and leave him in the garage to cry where at least he wont wake the whole house and neighborhood? Should i have to spank a puppy to get it to be quiet? Please help, we can't handle living like this much longer.

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Feb 18, 2013
Sleep deprived
by: roseandmaggiemay

I fully understand about being sleep deprived. My 9 month old JR is getting much better with sleeping at night. It just takes her awhile to settle down for the night. She does sleep with me so before bedtime while watching TV I put her leash on and tell her night night. We watch TV for a bit. She seems to appreciate the leash as a signal that it is time to settle down.
As far as the PP problem, I used doggie diapers when she comes in the house and I can't watch her. Just recently she let me know on her own she didn't want a diaper on so I proceeded to take her out every hour and I reward her with a treat when she goes PP.
It is a slow process to train a JR because they are head strong but it also is rewarding when you see that all your hard work and patience has paid off. They are like a newborn and require so much attention. I have trained and owned a lot of dogs in my lifetime, but this has been a big challenge. It can be done with a bright ending but it is work in progress. Hang in there.

Nov 30, 2012
Nite nite, sleep tite :)
by: Anonymous

New puppy guidelines: crate the pup, place next to the bed, let him see a hand. offer comforting words. Love him up. Give him a chewy treat when he goes IN the crate so that he will be in there a while. When you find urine on the towel, he will pp on , say no no, shewie, shewie. Wash it, replace it , wipe out the crate. Train to piddle pads only first. The dog is confused. outside, inside, paper, ?
EVERY time the pup goes on the paper, say GOODBOY, PP on the paper. whether its p or poo say that, and reward every time. Bil Jacs liver for small dogs. Paddy pp's on the paper to GET treats :) Jack Russell's primary drive is to sleuth/play. They respond to being led. Paddy is now 10 months old. Those first weeks were difficult. As soon as he could be, he was neutered, and this has helped. He still will shred any paper he can get ahold of, tp or kleenex, but not his piddle pads, he goes on those 100 percent of the time. I use a store brand of cvs INCONTINENT pad about 9. for 18, requiring 2 each day, I use them both at once.. one on top of the other. Paddy is a very loving playful dog. He is NOT all that domesticated, however, and I am surprised, at how "wild" he really is. We are both learning, however, and he will always be a part of my household. Clever , entertaining, needs lots of love and affection, play play play... Your dog is reaching out to you for love when he is demanding play, because that is all he knows as love. He will learn your way of love if you are patient, and show him. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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