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Moving to new House with Jackrussells!

by Jenne
(Newark ,Del)

Hi people who are reading this our family is moving to a new house. I am 9 years old, I will be turning 10 on November 26, 2010. The good luck is that I will be having my birthday in our new house.

Now let's talk about my pets. Well the first thing we will do is put them in our big new backyard. Our house in going to be ready in December. The first thing I will do is run to my new room and I will have a T.V in my room for the first time so now I get to wath T.V in my room when I go to bed so my sister will not take it all up. She will have one too.

I bet my dog Henry will run to my room first and Harley will run to me too, I can not wait till it is ready.

Back to the dogs, well they are really crazy we have three Jackrussells at our home they love to jump alot. I hate it when they bite at me they get yelled by my mom and my dad. Every time I run around they start to run around with me. I love to make a kite out of paper. Well that's all that was really quick well good luck with your crazy Jackrussells. THE END!

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Oct 30, 2011
Crazy Jack Russells
by: Helen

I hope you and your three crazy Jack Russells are enjoying your new house!

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