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mr wayne cook jr

by wayne w cook jr
(oregon city oregon usa)

my jack Russell is my companion pet' as I am a disabled usmc vet. so he means everything to me. he is chewing on the top of his paws and other body parts' to the point of missing hair and red spots or rashes,i HOPE ANYONE CAN HELP'' I love my dog and don't want him to suffer' im on disability so money gets depleted very fast. any suggestions only. would be deeply appreciated. any sprays or over the counter remedies? or do I need to just go to an emergency vet and try to make payment arrangements? I have called several and they don't take payments so any help' at all please. thankyou wayne

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell chewing on paws
by: Walt

Thanks for your service!!!
It sounds like your dog may have allergies. There are some things you can do at home to help:

*feed him a high quality dog food that is free of grains since grains tend to cause many allergies
*add Omega 3 capsules on top of his food to help with his coat. You can also apply it directly with the skin.
*Get one of those plastic cone collars (I bet a vet will give you one) to help give his body time to heal since he won't be able to get to his boy parts to chew with that one.
*Give him baths with epsom salts and ones with ground oatmeal to help with the itchy.
*Talk to the vet first but some anti histamines like benadryl (which is over the counter and fairly inexpensive) can help.

However, it could be fleas so check around his paws for any bugs, if you don't see any and things don't start improving soon, I would take your dog in to the vet because it could be a parasite. I would speak directly to the vet about the possibility of a discount since you are a disabled vet. Also think about getting a pet insurance plan since you would pay a low monthly fee and that might cover some pet visits.

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