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by Gary
(Stirling,Scotland )

I just got myself a 6 months old long haired jack Russell,when we got him,he was on dried biscuits but he seemed like he wasn't that keen on them,only nibbling 1 or 2 at a time .So we decided to try him with tinned food,which he loves,how much and how often do you feed them,because he's started doing the toilet in the house,which he never did before.also when he's left on his own he tends to pee quite a lot and crys a lot,could this be down to the previous owner who left him in the house on his own all day

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May 16, 2012
Jack Russell
by: James

I would try mixing dry food with just a little bit of the tinned stuff. Dry food is good for teeth. The tinned stuff probably isn't all that healthy. You could put different toppers on the dry food like a bit of cottage cheese or yogurt which is healthier.
It sounds like your guy was never probably potty trained. Maybe you need to retrain, put him on a strict potty schedule. Make sure you buy an enzyme based cleaner from your pet store to get out the smell of urine (dogs have a very keen sense of smell). And if he is crying when you leave - try crating him. Also when you leave make sure he has something fun to play with - like a a Kong filled with peanut butter and biscuits.

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