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mrs doreen gray

by doreen gray
(wisbech cambs)

i rescued a 10yr old jack russell last year he is almost perfect a real gentleman but sufers baddly with seperation anxiety has been to the vet was given selgian 4mg doesnt seem to make much difference is there anthing more i can do for him as he really suffers every timewe go out

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Jan 17, 2012
Separation anxiety
by: Susan

Thanks for rescuing this guy! Sounds like he had a tramatic experience prior to being adopting. Since your Jack is on medication, it sounds like the issue is significant. You may have tried the below things....

Leaving him with an item of your clothes that you wore recently so that he has your scent with him

Giving him a frozen Kong that is stuffed with peanut butter and biscuits to distract him when you leave.

Not making a big deal when entering or leaving the house.

Using a work/cue everytime you leave so that he knows that you'll be back soon.

Give your Jack some limited space (rather then a crate) that he can have windows as a distraction but not too big of an area that he can be destructive.

While you are home with your Jack, you can work on separating yourself from him as practice (even if you are in different rooms) for a few minutes everyday and gradually build it up to longer periods. Be sure to praise and reward with treats after the minutes are up.

Some other tings to consider - doggie day care a day or two a week or obedience classes for some socialization and confidence building.

Hope some of these strategies work! It's not a quick fix but could help improve things gradually over time. Good luck!!

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