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Mrs McColl

by Linda

I have had my female Jack Russell since she was six weeks old.She was always a submissive dog, rolling onto her back when meeting other dogs or humans, while out walking in the park or on the street.Then I became ill with rheumatoid arthritis and other health problems and was unable to take her out.She was a year old at this time.I had to pay different dog walkers to excercise her. She is now three years old and about six months ago she started to show aggressive tendencies. She has recently bit me badly on the arm when I reached over to stroke her. She did it so quickly curling her lip and lunging at me. It was a bad injury as I have thinning of the skin from taking steroids. Then a few days later she jumped up on my knee and was nudging me with her face asking to be stroked but as I reached out to stroke her she snarled and bit my finger quite badly. I now have two dressings on which the district nurse has been coming in to change as I am virtually housebound.Does she see me as weak now because I am in pain so much and am unable to take her out? I feel unable to stroke her anymore as I am frightened of getting bitten again. So I cant have any interaction with her and although I love her dearly wonder if I should let her go to a stronger owner. I tell myself that because I love her I should do that. Please let me have your comments. Thankyou.

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Aug 06, 2012
Jack Russell biting
by: James

I'm so sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been having. Dogs are sensitive to change and I bet your Jack has sensed things are different now. Your Jack may also be confused about Her role in the household since they are nurses coming in and different dog walkers and might not be sure who the pack leader is. This makes dogs feel uneasy and can be a reason why she but you.

With your dog walkers is she getting enough exercise and socialization, maybe she needs more? Does she have enough chew toys? Have you thought about bringing in a professional pet behaviorist?

Ultimately though, I worry about your health and that fact that you are on steroids and have thinner skin. I know how much you care about her - do you have a friend that may want to take her temporarily so that you would still be able to see her?

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