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mrs price (Jack Russell that bites)

by bev
(wolverhampton england)

I have a 2 year old Parson Jack Russell who bites for no particular reason, if I have him neutered would this help?

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Jun 10, 2011
Jack russell that bites
by: Anonymous

Hi Bev,
Sorry to hear about your baby being a biter. Studies do show that neutered dogs are less aggressive, less territorial, and less likely to it is definitely possible that neutering may help. You absolutely want to consult with a vet and make sure there are no other medical reasons that could be causing him to bite. You didn't describe whether there were any environmental factors causing you jack to bite (i.e. people, animals, situations) so I'll just give you some general tips.

- Never use excessive force to punish aggressive behavior-- this could make things worse.

- Always keep safety first when your jack is around other people and animals. A muzzle may be in order until you can get his aggression under control and you may need to also avoid having him in contact with others temporarily.

- Always be consistent when training your dog. Be gentle and firm and use treats to reward good behavior.

-If all else fails, your vet may recommend a local animal behavioral specialist to assist you.

- Here is an excellent website to help you learn more about your dog's aggressive behaviors:

The Jack Russell Team!

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