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Mrs Sharon pooley

by Sharon

I have a 16 month old jack, he keeps peeing in the house even though the garden door is open for him, last time he did it I told him off and he bite me taking the skin off two fingers, I'm now at my wits end with him and close to taking him to an home. My house is starting to smell too. Please can you help?

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Aug 06, 2012
Jack Russell peeing
by: Anonymous

Sounds like your Jack was never fully house trained. You will probably have to read a book on the basics and go through it with him. Also, you will need to buy an enzyme based cleaning solution to get rid of the smell because dogs will revisit spots they have been before to mark their territory. Dogs don't just go out the gate in their own, they thrive on specific walk times and structure. Is your Jack getting enough structured walks and exercise. Disciplining a dog by telling him off doesn't do anything productive because they don't understand yelling. By biting you your Jack is telling you that. Not all pet/owner relations are positive and if you are at your wits end, he might be better off in a different place.

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