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by Carol Revitg
(West Yorkshire)

I have a 7 month old JR bitch.Couple of months ago shre started being sick, sometimes food & white bile , sometimes just white frothy bile. Been to vets several times...thought it was a throat problem, she had Blood test,antibiotics, anti inflammatory medicine, X-rays & endoscopy.. 2 weeks ago he gave her a slow releasing antibiotic & she was ok but 2 days ago the sickness returned.
She was spayed at 5 months.
She has never drunk much but now hardly drinks at all,although She will drink a small amount of goats milk.
She has a good appetite & her "toilet" is ok( sometimes a bit dark in colour).
She' has plenty of energy.
Monitoring her carefully, she can be sick a couple of times a day & it seems to effect her after exercise.
Very concerned & not sure what to do next as the vet can't find anything.

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