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Ms alison bridg-boggis

My jack Russell is male age 1 year and hasnt been done. He keeps cocking his leg and weeing on furniture beds etc. Why is this ? Sometimes I have to let him out at 2-3 oclock in the morning but I work in the day and he is shut in with our other jack russell who is age 5 . He is left up to 6 hours at the most and never wees . Why is this can you help.

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Feb 15, 2012
Jack Russell marking territory
by: Julie

It sounds like your Jack is marking territory .... which means peeing on your furniture. Neutering him will definitely cut down on this type of behavior, if that is what you choose to do.

You do need to get a good enzyme based cleaner from a pet store/your vet. Because dog's have a keen sense of smell, they often revisit places they have gone before. Regular cleaners won't completely get rid of the scent like the specialized cleaner will. And putting some aluminum foil on your furniture may also deter your Jack because the sound of pee hitting the foil may surprise him (worth a try!).

Dog's don't usually make where they sleep which is why your Jack isn't peeing in his crate. I am concerned that you have to let him out at 2 in the morning. Maybe cutting off his water at like 6 pm or around that time might cut down on that - if that doesn't help it might be a good idea to have your vet check him out to make sure there isn't any medical issues. Confining him reign of the house can help too because there will be less areas to pee on and you can "catch" him in the act and immediately take him outside. Do not yell at him as that can make things worse. Instead, praise him when he goes outside.

Obedience training will also help because it will show your dog that you are the Alpha in the relationship. Also lots of exercise and a consistent schedule.

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