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ms. aygun

I have two questions. First my JR is six months old. He has a big garden(and house) to run and play. I play with him alot as he is with me allday. There is one thing however that really makes me angry. He insists to take out my garden lights and bite and chew my flowers and plants. He knows this is a bad thing but if you respond it is like he challenges you. I don't hit him but just warn him with a thin rod. How can I get him to stop. I even tried spraying anti-chew spray.
The second question is.... my husband want to get a puppy dobermann for securiy . Will these two breeds be safe?

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Apr 18, 2012
by: Deborah

I have 2 boy Jacks myself Elvis is 4 and Patchie is 16 months old and I also have a Lab/Terrier mix well Abbie my Lab taught Patchie how to dig also and I have holes everywhere in my yard.You just have to be very stern with a stern voice and keep saying NO and if that does not work pick him up and tell him NO and put his nose into the dirt or you can take some poop and put it into the holes and they will not dig where there is doggie poop and it does really work.I do not know about you getting a dobie with a Jack some Jacks will not accept another dog so well but you can try it but I really would not Jacks can be aggressive and I would not want to see your Jack get eaten by the doberman.

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