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Ms. Marion Stieler

by Marion
(Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland)

Hello to all JRT-Lovers,

I have got a JRT from a rescue organisation here in Ireland. I named him Henry. He is a very sweet little fellow but I have still some problems with his behavior. He is not pulling on the lead so much anymore but when it comes to other dogs, expecially in this case to Bruce, a Golden Retriever, than I can call him or try to persuade him with treats, nothing helps. Its like he has forgotten his ears, he is just focused at Bruce.

Like many other dogs here around Bruce can walk free through the village, so he comes around to our house, looking for Henry or a treat. The problem is, we have no fenced garden, the house is rented. I taught him the command Sit, that works with treats or without. But all the other commands are still not working. Maybe I am not patient enough? We have him since 3 months so there is still hope that he comes around, isn't there?

Henry is neutered and the Vet said he is approx. one year old. He is good with our cats, he plays with one of them and this cat can eat from his plate.

This is one of the problems, but the most important at the moment. I would like to hear from other Jackie-Lovers, how they deal with that.

Kind Regards from the Emerald Isle


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Jun 08, 2010
Just hold on a lilittle longer, Henry will get it...
by: lau'real A

Thanks for your comments, but Henry will get it, if you stay persistent with him, JRT sometimes ignore their commands, but be patient, a lil while longer and give him the chance to be coherent when you say something, bring a bell with you, and when he doesn't listen, ring the bell for his attention, this might work, to break the ignorant hehaviors, one time or another, but good luck with Henry, My JRT, is 7 months old, so I know what your saying exactly....Just continue to love him...! Laureal & Christian Dior'

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