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Mummy's boy!

by Claire

My JRT can't bare being outside when I or my family are inside. He howls and cries if we're inside I can't have him doing this as I have a toddler and a newborn. He's fine at night he sleeps outside as he's done since puppyhood but during the day he freaks out and goes bizerk if he's out for more than 5 mins and I'm inside. Can you please advise me on some useful tips to train him to be a good boy.?!? Thanks so much!

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Jun 11, 2019
jack russell terrier unhappy being outside during the day
by: Anonymous

I wonder if your smart doggie realizes that all the action is going on inside the house during the day and he is missing out on the fun. Perhaps things are more sedate at your house at night and he knows that as well. Can you stand outside with your jrt for a few minutes while he is outside. Then distract him with an interesting toy, such as a kong filled with peanutbutter, while you slip back outside. Try this and see if this does anything?

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