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My 10 Month old female still pee's inside at times

by Stephanie
(Tewantin, Sunshine Coast QLD)


Our female will go really well outside for a while and then will go back to square one for no apparent reason.

We don't see her peeing even though it will be in the middle of the floor somewhere obvious and have been told that unless you catch them in the act you cannot discipline them, ignore bad behaviour and reward good.

On occasion it will be in front of the pet door so she may have been hurt by the door on the way through at great speed and that's understandable but other times we get up and there is a small lake in the middle of the living room, or while we are watching tv in the evening, we will get up and there will be a lake in the dining room (I kid you not, the carrying capacity of Indee's bladder is amazing)

Any advice will be greatly appreciated as my husband is losing patience.

Many Thanks,


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Apr 09, 2015
Jack Russell puppy peeing in house
by: Jane

It sounds like Indee is not fully potty trained and may need some additional training. Puppies are like young children and still have accidents.
I know you have the doggy door but you may need to dial back a bit and do basic training where you are taking her out every few hours on a very set and consistent schedule. And give her treats for going. And even though she has ample access with the doggy door, are you still giving her a good walk? Also, I would limit the spots that she has access to during this time. And you need to make sure you are cleaning her messes with an enzyme based cleaner to fully rid the area of any smell your pup can sense (regular cleaners won't do this). Hope this helps!

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