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my 10 year old jack russel

by lilly guliana
(chicago )

she has had some kind of bump by her right eye for about a year now, she is active and energetic and I hope she does not die yet i would be crushed. But I am concerned about the eye. it is a small bump. my dog is white by the eyes and the bump is pink its like a small peace of skin, sometimes she scratches it off and you can see little dry blood. as I said its been a year, maybe little over a year like that. I took her to the vet they said that they would need to do some lab work but it would cost a lot so I am not sure what to do? I do not trust the vets and I do not want to take her there all they do is prescribe medications and kill the dogs. Same as regular doctors, no one in america actually cares. Please help me and maybe this happened to your dog. maybe it is just a cyst i am not sure.

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