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My 10 year old pees in the house.

by Rick

She is house trained and knows not to pee inside. Vet says she is ok. I dont understand why she started this.

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Jun 29, 2011
Older dog peeing in house
by: Anonymous

Has there been any changes in your environment that he could be reacting to? When and where does the pee occur? When you took him to the Vet did they also check his hearing and vision as well as do a urine sample.....sometime these things get overlooked. Talk to your Vet and keep an eye on your dog to see if there are any clues why this may be happening. It's unusual for a dog of this age to backslide in potty training. It might be worthwhile to take him out more frequently and give him less water to see if that helps. You can look into restricting access to certain areas of the house and possibly crating him. Also, make sure you triple clean any areas where he has made in the house because dogs will find and "revisit" those spots!

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