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My 11 month old Male Jack doesn't like peeing in wet grass

by Melanie

My 11 month old male JRT has taken a massive step backwards with toilet training.
He was perfectly trained very early on, but when we moved house and my other female JRT got cystitis and wee'd on the floor, it all started going downhill.

He peed on the floor a couple of times and now he seems to prefer that cold tiled surface. We've had to block off the downstairs area which is where he is doing it. He will even break down the barrier to get down there!
This morning he picked his way through the wet grass (wet from rain or dew) and climbed into a plant pot so his feet wouldn't touch the wet.

We have gone back to treat training for doing his business outside, but he seems to be paranoid about wha surface he prefers to go on.

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Sep 05, 2011
Routine and repetition
by: Anonymous

The key here is to use routine and repetition.
You need to show your dog that your are the pack leader. The move must have shaken him up and he doesn't know his place now.

To start with:

1. Like you have been doing, limit his access to areas of the house where he makes. Also, buy a special enzyme based spray at a pet store that takes away urine odors. Dogs have very strong sense of smell and will want to revisit a spot if they get a wiff of anything.

2. Try crate training with him. Dogs will usually not make where they sleep. You may try keeping him in his crate and then only taking him out when it is time to go potty. That way he has built up a sufficient bladder.

3. Put your dog on a leash first thing in the morning, take him out of his crate and take him for a walk or just take him out of the house and then give a command like "go potty" then wait. Praise him the minute he goes and then reward him with his favorite treat.

4. Take your dog out to potty after eating, after playing and each time he wakes up from sleep. Never take your dog back inside the house until he successfully eliminates outside. Again praise him, reward him. Keep doing this everyday for at least two weeks. Stay consistent with the schedule.

Soon he will get used to this and will not want to make anywhere else.

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