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my 13 year old Jack and whip worms

by Bryan Hokom
(Lakewood Ranch, Florida)

This past Feb Pistol began having difficulty pooping, straining only to release small amounts that were mostly soft and some with small amounts of blood. I took him to the vet (rare because he's always been healthy) and they found no parasites however his left anal gland was swollen and infected. They gave him an antibiotic shot and handed me some antibiotic pills (two weeks worth of clavamox 125mg) for him to take twice a day. He had a reaction to the shot given to the top of swelled up beyond the size of a tennis ball, after a week the swelling subsided and the antibiotics had worked...he began having normal stools without straining and soon there after he was back to his talk and bounce. I was relieved.

last week, it started all over again but this time his anal gland wasn't swollen and while again straining to poop small amounts he was also discharging small amounts of puss and blood. Took him back to the vet. This time the vet noticed his anus was swollen and felt rough. Given the timing of 3 months and the difficulty finding whip worm in stool samples the vet prescribed a 3 dose powder of Fenbendazole granules 222mg/g to be given every 3 months (18 grams), he also prescribed an antibiotic Metronidazole 100mg to be given twice a day for 10 days. I gave him one pill when we got home and put his food down...thinking I would start the Fenbendazole powder the next day.

Next day another pill in the morning a good walk and not as much straining and not discharge of puss or blood, that evening I mixed the Fenbendazole in his problems and gave him another pill. Next day he's back full of piss and vinegar...same routine except after our walk in the evening and he took a nice poop with no blood I went to prepare another pill and he couldn't even stand, he was limp and unfocused, literally minutes after returning from a good walk. I couldn't get him to stand or drink water....nothing. I stayed up all night with him, he was straining his stomach muscles, finally he did manage some water while barely being able to stand. little by little he drank more water but wouldn't the evening I was worried his kidneys might have shut down since I couldn't get him to 11pm though I carried him out to the grass and after a few minutes he finally had a pee but was still standing like a drunk sailor. he drank more water and we went to bed.

In the morning he managed to walk sideways to the water bowl and had his fill, then I let him out and he took a long pee. still was a bit foggy and unstable but it was a big improvement from the night before. I was able to contact the vet (holiday weekend) and explained everything. we decided I would keep close eye on him and bring him in the next day for a full blood test. by the end of the day however he was about 85% of normal and the next day 90% I stopped the meds and chose to keep him home since he was progressing in the right direction. didn't want trauma him with another visit to the vet unless it was absolutely needed. that was two days ago and he's about 95% of normal but he's not eating much and sleeping most of the day.

Anyone else have these issues? Is the med combination dangerous? If he doesn't recover by this weekend to 100% I will take him back but I must say I have lost confidence with the vet and I feel they are not sure about what's causing his problems, just guessing.


Any and all responses welcome, thank you

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