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my 18 month old jack is attacking ankles at night

by pau

my 18 month old jack has started to growl and try to nip ankles when i or my sons enter a room at night or in the morning....

usually the dog is lying down or asleep and as soon as i or my sons...all adult...enter the room he jumps up, growls and then runs at our ankles...he doesnt actually bite and when he is scolded he starts to wag hgis tail and lick us.

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Feb 21, 2014
Jack Russell nipping ankles
by: Robert

It sounds like your Jack has made this into a game/habit. The fact that he wags his tail when scolded confirms this. If you would like, you could crate him at night so that he can't bite your ankles or growl in the morning when you enter the room. You would be the one to let him out.

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