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My 18 month old Jack Russell just bit me, what should I do?

My 18 month old Jack Russell just bit my index finger and cut through the skin quite deep. It happened when he started eating a chicken bone he found while we were out on his walk. He wouldn't leave it so I held his collar and then his neck to try keep him still to remove the bone from his mouth, he snarled and bit me very aggressively. He has behaved like this once before a couple of months ago with my teenage daughter when she had him out walking and he started eating a stone, fortunately he didn't actually break my daughter's skin because she managed to pull her hand away from him before sink his teeth in fully. He usually gives up other objects when told, though often not on first command. He generally has quite a sweet, fun and loving nature but is also fiesty and does some 'play' biting, which I don't know how to train him out of. He was neutered when he was just over ayear old and I just don't know what to do, can you help me?

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Jul 31, 2012
Bite the Dog
by: Beth Lilje

Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but when my dogs including my jrt have bitten me I have turned around and bit them back. Not enough to draw blood but enough to let them know that I was the boss. Sometimes it's taken a reminder, like with my jrt, but my dogs don't bite in fact they don't even nip. I didn't make this solution up on my own, I got it from a very sage veterinarian. She told me if you could get pass the "gross factor" it works most of the time. The ear is the easiest thing to bite.

May 21, 2012
18 month old Jack
by: Deborah

Oh my god a chicken bone that is very very bad I do not know why he bit you I guess he was wanting that chicken bone in the worst way!I would have scolded him and put him into a crate for a time out or somewhere he does not like to be like another room..He will get the message but you really need to nip this in the bud now before it gets worse.Call a trainer too would be a good idea!

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