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My 3 year old jack Tia has not taken to my kitten

Hi, I've had Jack Russell Tia since she was 8 weeks old shes grown up with my daughter since the age of 1. She loves to play with her and my mums jack russell Poppy, after much concideration we decided to get a kitten, we bought her home an slowly let them meet, Tia seems to just want to eat him! She had killed rats in the past and licks her lips an tried to nip the kitten, we are still trying to get them used to eachother, it has only been 2 days so it's early.
Does anybody have any tips or advice for me?
The sad thing is I know they would be the best of friends if Tia just accepted him. Thanks

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Feb 02, 2014
Jacks and kittens
by: Dana

Some Jacks and cats get along great. Unfortunately Jacks are hunter dogs and even the sweetest of dogs can be tempted. I'm sure Tia is the nicest of Jacks but the fact that she licks her lips while around the kitten as well as nipped the kitten is not a good sign. If you insist fully on keeping the kitten I would make sure they are never ever alone together, not even for a second. Even as the kitten grows into a cat, you will still need to be very careful. Respectfully, I would consider rehoming the kitten.

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