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my 3yr old jack russell

by Margaret Kendal
(staffordshire england)

she is very nervous but these last 4 days she keeps going in her cage,lying at the bottom of the stairs,we live in a flat but have our own front dooracting very strange, she wont stay in the lounge with us,where she always is usually,when she goes out for her walks she is normal, running after her balls and quite happy,she is eating her food,we cant understand whats happening,she isnt even asking for her bone,she has to have prednisalone, anti histamines plus she has evening primrose every day,could these have a effect on her,she takes these for allergies which make her scratch all the time.We are extremely worried about her,she has had a hysterectomy,shes never had a litter of pups.

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Jan 21, 2012
Jack acting strange
by: Andrew

I'm sorry to hear that your Jack isn't herself. In my eyes, any significant changes in behavior that last more then 24-48 hours warrants a trip to the vet. How long after starting prednisone did you see a change in her? Sometimes prednisone causes a lack of energy in dogs. I'm concerned about the use of prednisone for allergies since it's not meant to be a long term drug and there are many side effects. Has your vet tried anything else? The primrose should help a bit and if you haven't tried- baths with aveeno (oatmeal).

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