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My 4 Month Jack/Chi refuses to eat dog food

by Kathy

I was givin a 12 week old Jack/Chi as a gift he was taken from a person that had abused him. He is now about 18 weeks now I am having a hard time getting him to eat any kind of puppy food and he is picky about what kind of food I give him for instance he does not eat chicken or turkey but he loves ham, cheese and peanut butter I now this because I had to give him his pills after each of his shots and i hid them in chees with a little peantbutter around it, I get concerned about leaving his food sitting out over night I have given him Chef Micheals and then lamb and rice canned food now he will not eat that,what I would like to know is it ok to add a little milk with his dry food to try and get him to eat it? When I got him I noticed he had a little cough I thought he may have been eating to fast but it I found out he had kennel cough and he got antibiotics that he just finished so how long does it take to clear up?

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Mar 06, 2013
He Is Doing Better
by: Kathy

He is doing much better kennel cough is all cleared up but he is still being picky about what he eats I will have to look into the gravy for his food I am also considering gettig him fixed because he has been very agressive I was told that if I don't want to mate him to do it now while he is young he is about 6 months now and this should calm him down.

Feb 19, 2013
Picky eater
by: Vanessa

If your Jack is a picky eater it might pay to try a new brand of food - a high quality food - but phase it in slowly so that he doesn't get diarrhea. Pet stores sell special dog gravies that you can buy and put atop his food. You could also trying topping his food with possibly yogurt, cottage cheese or regular cheese, I think that might be better than milk - but you can always try that. Make sure your pup is not dependent on treats. As long as he is not too skinny and his coat is shiny then I wouldn't worry too much about his eating.
Usually kennel cough can last 3 to 4 weeks. Hope your Jack feels better soon!

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