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My adult male jack russell cries all night

by Sarah

How can I get my adult Jackie (Walle) to stop crying at night? He is driving everyone up the wall... Even my female Jackie (Spicy)is getting upset over it... What can I do to make him stop?

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Oct 31, 2011
Jack Russell Crying at night
by: Ellen

Is this a new behavior? If so, you might want to have the vet take a look just in case. If it's there something at night that is bothering your Jack? Maybe an outside noise? You can try putting a softly playing radio in his bed so help drown out any misc noise. See if that helps.
Is your dog crated? Some dogs like the comfort of being in a "den". A few other things to try - a nightlight, more exercise during the day, a tshirt or something with your smell that he can sleep with.

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