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My bitch is a whole different dog after being spayed

I had my 2 year old jack russell spayed after a she suffered a few phantom pregnancies. Now she has become aggressive and disobedient in just a few weeks after the op! She's usually the perfect dog but she's upsetting children that usually pet her on our walks and she runs away from me when I try and put her to bed. She has twice gone to bite my face. She has never been aggressive before and usually quite lazy.

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Dec 04, 2013
by: Pauline,TWMs mum WalesAnonymous

Hi,I had trouble like you after I had my Border Collie Megan spayed when she was a live.We found out she was still in pain and was having sort of electric shocks when we touched her skin .It took a lot of patience and a bit of spoiling it was a few months before she came good, One thing i found she was veryprotected of her self when being bent over and close to her face,we some times forget animals feel and hurt like we do,if they didnt they would not be able to emphasis with us.I hope i have helped when she has settled you could help her to relax by gentle but fermly starting from the top of her nose to the base of her tail in one movement stroking her please let me know if it has help email is good bless

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