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my dog has a bloated belly and shaking like she in pain

by Diana Reinhold
(Detroit, Michigan)

I have a about 12 years old jack russell /mix with dachshund ,I believe. She has and enlarged heart; I found out about five years ago. Now for the past four days, her stomach is bloated and she shaking like she in pain, she was doing this about five years ago l then it stop. She hasn't had a stool movement in about four days either today she only pee pee twice, she ate a little chicken today, not very much and drank water. I am so worry about her . Has anyone else had this problem with their dog? Please help

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Nov 06, 2017
This too shall pass

I relate to your story. I too have a 13 y/o JR who had A sudden onset of the shakes. She would do this more so at rest, and when I distracted her she would stop. I was always asked if she was cold. It lasted about nine months then went away on it's own. I still don't know why.
A big belly and no bowel movement needs attention. The big question is why? If she has not had a BM that will cause an increase in the size of the abdomen for sure. The bigger question is sh obstructed, and is the obstruction caused by old stool that has become hard?, or is it a mechanical obstruction caused by a twist in the Colon. If you can't seek medical attention I would go real easy on the food. The natural movements in the bowel can be stimulated. A finger that is well lubricated can get things going. I would consider a glycerin suppository as well. Good luck

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