My dog

by Erin Jameson
(Pittsburgh pa)

Hi I have a 9 year old Jack Russell and she has always been small all of the sudden she has been eating alot more has gained a little bit of weight and has been getting in to the trash something that she has never done before is that normal?

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Sep 24, 2012
Older Jacks eat more
by: Harriet

Since your dog is getting older, her metabolism is slowing down. Make sure she is on a good quality dog food that is geared more for senior dogs - high in protein. And with any noticeable change in your Jack you should consult your vet just in case. Sometimes an increased appetite can signal that something is wrong - like diabetes or Cushings disease. And it could be just part of the aging process but it can't hurt to get it checked out. Hope everything is ok with her. Keep us posted!

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