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My Dogs Are Diffrent

by Jenne Tomlinson
(Lewes D.E)

My dog's really care about me because my Mom found out that i have an eye infection. SO i can't really see i hope i can type with one eye open. Harley and Henry now lay with me on the sofa when i have a warm wash cloth on my face. I bet that they know i am in pain so they comfert me SO SWEET! Also the dogs haven't went potty on the carpet in a long time so we will get new carpet. And since they ruined out walls we might get them painted. We also have to put a leash on Henry and on Harley a shock collor because we are moving our gate up more. I gave my DSi XL to Henry because he loves watching nintendo dogs on it. But i don't have a Jack on it yet haven't unlocked it yet Iam working on it. We also love watching Disney on my T.V. Since my Dad died the dog haven't been lisening so my mom has to become ALFA. But they listen to me weird right well because I have to yell at them for them to hear me. I start school soon In october we go camping but we have no one to care for them so we not go. We can't ask my mommom or poppop they sleep alday long and my mommom paints and doesn't listen to poppop. And Poppop reads discovery magazines and doesn't listen to mommom. Once their birthday comes I migth give them some girlled cheese mmmm! Henry loves watching my three hermit crabs and Harley sleeps all day long and bark at a lawn mower. When we were living at Newark we took them to 3 mile island and then go to ritas and get then soft vanilla icecream. We always give them gifts and table scraps. They also help me wtih dishes they lick the food off and them out them into the dish washer. Even I paint their nails it isn't really hard it is easy a little. If paint Henry's white and Harleys purple they love playing ball with their cute nails. I get yogurt from the store it is called chobani greek yogurt Henry always loves to lick the rest of the can. I think Henry eats evrything And he also guards his bone all the time and growls at anyone who looks at him or touches his bone so be careful. I share my earbuds with Henry so we listen to Raido Disney. Now to Harley as you know he growls all the time picks him up growls. If Henry looks at Harley he growls that is when we get mad at Harley. I have to stop feeding henry food or he will get fat so I have to stop It is hard for me. Henry and Harley love looking our the window And when it is time to go to school they love riding on the car. And looking out the windows and making nose snots on the windows. RIght now Henry is watching Shake it up on Disney. Henrys favorite show and of course Harleys is Dog with a Blog on Disney Channel. I will post more bye

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Oct 18, 2013
Henry and Harley
by: Jayda

That's so sweet that your pups comfort you when they know you aren't feeling well. I hope your eye infection is better. And I hope you get to go camping.
I think it's really cute that you paint their nails. You will have to post a picture :-) Maybe orange for Halloween!

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