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My fifteen year old Jack has suddenly become Viscious!

by Snarlydog
(Escondido, ca)

We recently took are JRT to the vet to find he has bladder stones. We have been giving him a RX diet, pain meds, and anibiotic. We hoped these would help return the loving Jack we knew, but, he continues to attack me and others for no reason, drawing blood, scaring the other animals. I know longer trust him. I'm afraid I'm going to have to put him down. Has anyone else experienced this? He was a wonderful dog up until 7 months ago. Now, he's a terrorist.

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Jan 14, 2016
by: Susan

Jack made is 15th and in six months he will be 16. Jacks moods happen mostly at night. His bladder stones have all cleared. I think the other commentator is right,it has to due with being partially blind, one cataract, and arthritis at night. He still wants to retrieve his ball. It does take him awhile to find it! The vet has given me some ACE to tranq him if he gets particularly bad.

The other Vet in the office told me his Jack became aggressive in his old age too. So, I guess it is pretty common. He still plays like a Pup during the day. So, I'll put up with it.

Jan 12, 2016
Solutions to agressive older dogs
by: Andrew

Ours has become the same and the more it seems one stands up to him the worse his aggression becomes. This is apparently quite common in older Jack Russels.It may be that they do not see as well or are simple afraid of their aches and pains that old age has brought them. We have tried talking calmly to our dog before we get up out of a chair and this seems to help. Try also distracting your dog with his favourite toy or ask him if he wants something to eat or to go out (obviously in the way that you would normally do this) These all seem to help distract our dog especially at night when he becomes more grumpy and agressive. Good luck!

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