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My gorgeous little boy

by Ann Goodyear

This is Mikey my gorgeous little Jackapoo

This is Mikey my gorgeous little Jackapoo

This is my gorgeous little boy Mikey, this picture is a pencil drawing of him by an artist who saw him and wanted to draw him.
He is a lovely little dog but sometimes can be naughty, especially when he is let off lead, he can get a devil in him that says run, run, run, and the more you try to catch the funnier it is to him, it is just a game. He is my little boy and I love him to bits, He goes to doggy school all day on Tuesdays where all the trainers adore him and he goes walking with his behaviourist on a Thursday for around 3 hours. Even though he has all this attention and training he can still be mischievous but I would not change that.

Mikey is a Jackpoo, 16 months old, , his mum is a pure bred Jack Russell who has won numerous competitions for best of breed, and dad is a miniature poodle who has also won best of breed on a number of occasions .Mikey is a mixture of White, Black, Grey and a few Brown markings, his colouring is quite unusual. Mikey is one of 5 pups born to these parents, however they are the first and last litter from them.

Mikey is the sweetest little dog, he loves nothing more than sitting on mums knee on an evening. He absolutely loves people and being made a fuss of. He loves his walks during the day when he is just with me and is very well behaved on lead. His favourite game is fetch and he will play for hours. He also loves it when you throw a ball through his tunnel in the garden so he can run through and bring his toy back so you can throw it again. He also loves puzzle games, of which he has a few, so that he can find the treats that are hidden.

Mikey is a very spoilt little dog, and because he is so hyper he has low protein food which can be quite expensive, he does not have diamanté collars, although he does have a couple of sweaters to wear when it is really cold and coats to wear when it is raining,

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May 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

well i thought i bought a chipoo but my little girl doesnt look like one. i went to get her shots and they asked me what breed she was. i told them they smiled at me and said shes not a chipoo. i love her so much. the vet told me that she is jackapoo. she likes to go out to the park and when i sit down she sleeps in my lap. she likes to play ball but if she doesnt want to do something she wont lol. i love the way she looks at me when i say, you want to go to the park. she turns her head to the side. i will get a picture of it sometime its cute. thank you. i love to talk about her!!!

Sep 25, 2011
by: Anna

What a lovely drawn photo and what a sweet little boy. I hope you have this hanging somewhere special!

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