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by Elaine

My Scampi 1st Year of life

My Scampi 1st Year of life

Scampi has been in my life from around 8 weeks old - he turned 14 in March'14.
Scampi and I have shared both highs and lows throughout our time together. Due to one man's verbal and mental and physical abuse to us both - he was so ill , I though he was going to heaven and I promised him then that no one would hurt him ever again.
Now living in Belfast , we like a quiet , relaxing home , not noise or brightness. He loves classical music - Vanessa Mae is one of his favourite artists.
I have to own up to 'over pampering' him , and now he is on a special healthy eating plan via his vet Danielle.
Also whilst in Belfast living , he started to go out with a trainer and Eloise gradually introduced him to interacting with a group of dogs at once! I cried the first day he left to go out with Eloise (proud mum moment!) and also when he started to stay over with Eloise. He became interactive and very sociable due to his trainer's patience and guidance.
This is a dog with a bed in most rooms and so many toys he could stock a shop of teddies! He has loved ice cubes in his drinking water since a pop.
This is my Scampi Dog , my heart and soul , the reason I stay alive. I love him more than words can say , but I hope somehow , he knows it. (now going to have a mummy cry)


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Nov 16, 2014
by: Anonymous

Having a Mummy cry with you. It's amazing what these Jacks can do for our lives and spirits. I'm so sorry you both had such a rough start in your life together but I'm so happy that things have taken a turn for the better and I'm wishing you two much happiness together.

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