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My Jack Elvis is constantly licking me?

by Deborah L White
(Sarasota Fl)

I have a 4 year old Jack his name is Elvis and he licks me constantly my legs arms feet face and Im the only one he does it too.Can anyone tell me why he only does it to me and why just me?

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Jan 24, 2012
My Jack Elvis licking me all the time
by: Deborah

Thank you so much for that info my hubbie had said that too but I really did not believe him but now I find out it is so true Thanks Im so flattered that he does that he is one of my 2 Jacks but my other one Patch does not do it to me just licks me once in a while.

Thanks again

Jan 24, 2012
by: CeeCee

Hi Deborah,
I answered your question on the photo forum but thought I would cut and paste here in case you didn't see it....

Usually dogs learn about licking in puppyhood from his mother. The mother uses her tongue sort of like a washcloth. And puppies lick their littermates for a variety of reasons.

Dogs that lick their owners do it as a sign of affection. They also do it as a sign of submission that you are the pack leader as well as to get attention and approval. Dogs in a household with more pets often manifest the need to secure the affection of the master. Licking can be the strategy of one dog wanting to get an edge over the other pet for the master’s affection.

My Jack did the same which is why I researched it a little. Makes sense because I do have another (not a Jack) dog. Knowing why he does it makes it very endearing whereas before I found it a little annoying/wet.

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