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My Jack Howls

by aj

I have a one year old jack russell terrier, he's so funny. When ever an ambulance driver drives by with their sirens on, he starts a howling, it's the cutest thing ever. Any Jack owners experience this and if so why??

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Oct 25, 2011
my jack howls
by: Anonymous

I agree I just love when my jack howls...actually I can make him howl easily too. I just start howling and there he goes caulking his head back and letting them go..I just love him so much.

Sep 28, 2011
Jack Russell howls at ambulance siren
by: William

Our Jack does that too! Only for ambulance sirens. I was told that dogs have better hearing then us and that the siren's high pitch sets some dogs off (but not all). My vet told me that the howling goes back to the wolf days as a form of communication. Since dogs may interpret the high pitch noise as a communication gesture, they are responding. I personally thing it's cute. There are ways to go about fixing it but I don't want to!

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