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My Jack is such a good puppy

by Anna

He's five months old and he's such a good puppy, will he stay this way as an adult dog? I guess I am waiting for the horror everyone tells me he'll be. He has a bit of a growl when I handle his paws and take his harness off. I want to know if others had puppies this well behaved and had a great dog as they grew up.



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Aug 15, 2011
You aren't alone
by: Crystal

After reading books about JR's and the stories on this page, I thought my little guy was weird. He loves to nap on the back of the couch. He is great friends with our bulldog and is constantly playing with the kitten we rescued. He is mostly calm and likes to lay in my lap or right next to me with his head and paws in my lap. He only really gets "excited" and runs around like a crazy man right after he comes inside from playing in the yard and usually he is just still playing with izzy the bull. He only poops in the house if I don't let him out when the bull rings the bell to go. (we trained the bulldog to ring a bell hanging on the wall when she needed to go and Vince learned what the bell meant... if i don't let them out and Vince really needs to go he will sit in front of me and make cute little yip noises to let me know he's ready too).
It's really awesome to have a calm little best friend who follows me everywhere.
The only real problem we have is with him wanting to kiss everyone in the face and with him wanting to bolt out the front door every now and then. He likes to run out but it's usually pretty easy to catch him. Plus I have him chipped so if he gets away from me, he can get home safe.
I've never loved a dog as much as I love my JR and I don't know if I could ever love another one. He saved my life when I was lonely and sad.
I'm glad to know your little buddy is just as well behaved as my boy is. Now I know my baby isn't weird. I wouldn't worry about your kiddo changing or becoming a horror. Maybe you just have a little one like mine. Enjoy it. They are lovable creatures.

Mar 29, 2011
Hi Anna..
by: Jen

Hi Anna, I can give you sound advice here.... Its NEVER the dog thats the issue. Its how he's handled, raised, and whether or not youve earned your spot as alpha leader. Dont spoil a jack or he'll have YOU trained. LoL

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