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My Jack russell barks at other dogs

by Barbara Scott

My Jack Russell bitch is 2 years old now and she is very loving and playful but barks terribly at other dogs when they pass the gate and when she is out for a walk on a harness and lead. She is very noisy and comes across as quite aggressive even though i'm sure she is only trying to protect us.

I have been advised lots of things, from spraying water, shaking pebbles in a tin and rewarding her with treats as she approaches other dogs but im not sure if any of these methods really work. It has become very embarrassing as everyone in our village can hear us coming due to the deafening bark.

Please help!!

Many thanks


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Aug 09, 2013
barking jack
by: aj

I have a 3 year old Jack who barks at other dogs horribly, it's so bad. I found recently though if I don't pull him or say quiet that he's good. Try that, loosen up on the leash, don't say anything sometimes I say good boy Jack, that works too,good luck.

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