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My Jack Russell bites viciously when he's stroked if he's asleep

by Steven Bor

My jack is typically very good and is now getting to the point where he can do tricks and getting more and more behaved however a continuing problem is that from time to time he bites! And I mean to the point where he draws blood. It's always either if he's asleep and is woken because we stroke him or soon after he's woken up. Occasionally after he's been humping his bed and soft toys.

Does anyone else have that problem?

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Feb 12, 2013
Our Dog Does the Same
by: Anonymous

Our 16 month old Jack Russell is a wonderful dog -and absolutely loves my husband - however, there are times - mostly when he is resting and my husband touches him - he will growl and snap or just snap - he does not do that to me - I think it is because the dog knows my husband might just pick him up, turn him upside down, play rough, etc. etc. - the dog knows that will not happen with me.
The breeder told me to be very firm when the dog acts this way - get a big glove on your hand and hold his mouth - scold him and make him know who is boss - Jacks loves to be boss. Good luck - it is very upsetting when your own dog snaps at or bites the owner(s).

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