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My jack Russell Georgie!

by Louise

My georgie is 21months old! He is a very hypo crazy jr loves other dogs loves people is just a all round gorgeous friendly dog! What I've noticed is if not once a week defo once ever 2weeks he will all of a sudden go all quiet n sleepy very clingy! His tummy will make the craziest loud noises an he will either start shakin or breathing fast then he will have the runs or be sick! Then say a hour later he'll be fine again! He can be very jumpy too an his temp does seem abit warmer than usual! Also i notice his nose goes dry! Not nice to see him like this! Any suggestions! I'm going my vets in morning

Many thanks

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Aug 13, 2013
jack russell siblins.
by: kathleen

hi love your site :)
looking for a bit of advice, we have two jack russell boy's, brother's had them since 7weeks old
they are now 18months and have started fighting, my nefrew got caught up in the middle of one of there fight's and got bit quite nasty on the leg.
people say they will not live together asnd i should fine one a new home ??? any advice please Thankyou. kathleen.

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