My Jack Russell is yelping everytime I pick her up

by Tina
(hagerstown, MD USA)

please help, I have a six year old unspayed female Jack Russell Terrier. I have had her since she was 6 weeks old she is smart, lovable energetic. A week and a half ago she started acting strange, shaking, hiding under the bed, not eating or drinking. I was concerned and took her to the vet. The vet examined her, she was quite healthy, no fever, no obvious signs. Vet took 2 X-rays as a precaution everything looks normal. The vet thought she pulled a muscle which seems plausible sends me home with pain killers. Throughout the week with the pain medicine she is still hiding under beds, still shaking but, eating and drinking although nothing close to normal. Yesterday was her last day of pain meds. Today she is worse than ever. Hiding under the bed, back to not eating or drinking, shaking, wobbly on her feet and refuses to go up and down steps. When I pick her up she yelps a high pitch cry that is heart breaking. Has any body else had similar experiences? If it is a muscle how long does it take to heal? Planning on going back to vet tomorrow for blood work and any other suggestions??

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