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my jack russell keeps weeing in the kitchen

by Sarah

rescued jack from a dogs home about a year ago, believe he is 3yrs old now.
normal routine; walk in the morning, we go out to work so he has run of the house(down-stairs), I come home at lunch time-let him out when go back to work he has the lounge again. then walk again in the evening.

last week, came home at lunch-time and he had weed on the rug in the lounge, so that afternoon i put him in the kitchen (tiled floor!)
next day, can back at lunch and he weed on the carpet in the lounge again.

we're keeping him in the kitchen from now on-only when we're at work. leave the radio on for him, he has food toys water and bed. every time we go out we come back to wee everywhere.
any advice/help would be very appreciated!

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Sep 17, 2011
Jack Russell peeing everywhere
by: Anonymous

Have you checked with your vet to make sure he doesn't have a urinary tract infection of some sort?

If that isn't the case, it sounds like you need to treat him in essence, like a puppy, and re-train him to go outdoors to pee. Keep him in eyesight whenever you are home with him. If he is still peeing in the kitchen, when you go to work, you may need to crate him while you are away. Give him effusive praise when he actually does make outside!

This too shall pass!

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