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My Jack Russell seems excessively stressed

by Ruth

My dog has been recently diagnosed with ideopathic epilepsy and although she has always seemed a little stressed she now jumps out of her bed at the slightest noise, barks and runs for her food bowl or to the person that has made the noise. Is this a part of her condition and is there anything that can help her relax. Our other Jack doesn't seem the slightest bit bothered and doesn't even lift her head.

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Feb 14, 2014
Jack reacting to noise
by: Jane

So sorry to hear about the diagnosis. The key to treating these types of phobic reactions is to address them early in their development. Have you tried crating your Jack. Sometimes having a "safe" place can cut down on stress. And you can put a blanket over the crate to block out other noises and sounds. Also, routine is very important to dogs who stress. Keep thing the same in terms of walk times, food, the company she keeps. In the case of a thunderstorm you can buy what is called a "thundershirt" off of a site like Amazon and it provides gentle pressure to your Jack to help calm her. Some people try desensitization - exposing your dog to sounds more frequently in a very slow methodical way. You can always talk to your doctor about drugs that can help decrease some of your Jack's anxiety.

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